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Welcome to SmartGold Club Elite!

You are here because you belong to small, very private elite club. You could not even log into this site without Club card. So first things first:

  • Care for your SmartGold Elite card. Yes it could be replaced in case of theft or loss but rather don't do that to start with!
  • Next rule is for us to fulfill: your privacy is our highest concern. We will never expose member's information to any kind of searches or hacking. Your advisor will explain more how that works.
  • This site is just a small part of concierge service that you expect and deserve.
  • We are here to help you preserve the assets that you already own, increase your wealth and ensure the future for you and your family. No matter what happens to the world around you. The values that represent your wealth will be in a safe place, maybe far away but still within easy reach.


For the first time ever YOU are in control. This is YOUR passport to a safer and brighter future:

Using advanced and secure technology we will stash many of those pieces above into one of these:



SmartGold Club Business

Consider getting SmartGold Club Business!

May free your business from usual burdens made by banks and transaction controls. It is a vehicle to business transactions where parties pay each other by gold or silver instead of currency. Perfect for local or international business system makes sure that both seller and buyer pay and get paid in ultimate value.

Just to be absolutely clear SmartGold Club Business is a completely separate system apart from Elite! It has many benefits but is not on the level of Elite on account of confidentiality and privacy.  

 Read more about SmartGold card used in business 


SmartGold Elite Card

This card comes with Home Kit as well + version of SmartGold software package.

By using a SmartGold card, the member gets an opportunity to buy more gold, sell some of it, trade with other members, make business transactions and even retrieve physical gold if so desired. Read more about SmartGold card used in business